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My Journey in Helenes (so far!)

Heyo! It’s one of your newest Rosebuds, Celine, here! I wanted to use this space to talk about my short time in Helenes, and all I am looking forward to! There really is no way to explain or describe what Helenes means to me, or how grateful I am to be a part of an organization that fuels my life with love, laughter, and happiness. I am so incredibly thankful for every Helene I’ve interacted with, as you all have welcomed the other Rosebuds and me with open arms and open hearts. Below are some of my favorite memories so far in Helenes, and the ones I’m looking forward to!

1. Rosebud Welcome Night

Welcome week was absolutely an AMAZING experience, and it was such a new and exciting time for the Rosebuds! Rosebud Welcome Night had to be one of my favorite events. It was so fun getting dressed up with Rosebuds, and even more fun (and ...scary...) closing our eyes, linking arms, and walking to an unknown destination. Spring 2022 will reminisce over those first moments together, over opening our eyes to the soft glow of red candles and last semester’s rosebud class holding roses for us. I remember, in that moment, knowing that applying to be a Helene was the best decision I could have made for myself. It felt like a scene out of a movie, and the warmth and love I felt that day was beyond incredible.

2. USC vs UCLA Basketball Game

A second highlight was definitely the USC vs. UCLA basketball game at the Galen Center! This was actually the first basketball game I have ever attended at USC (oops!) and it was a total blast. Even waiting in line was fun — there were people passing out free boxes of pizza!!! I really enjoyed getting a glimpse into the spirit of Helenes at athletics events — it was so fun getting to cheer on for the better LA school, and I even got to Tusk for the first time! It was so fun and I’m now super pumped for football season next semester <3.

3. Service Events (Food Bank + Beach Clean Up)

Getting to do an in-person service event after such a long period of virtual events was so refreshing and literally such a great experience. It felt so cool to be able to show up at the food bank repping USC colors (and definitely outnumbering the UCLA group that was there, hehe). I loved getting to vibe to the music, talking to my fellow Helenes, and of course, packing food boxes for communities in need! I also really enjoyed going to Santa Monica for the beach clean-up. It felt good to make the space cleaner, even if it was just a little bit :).

4. Big/Little Reveal!!!

Lastly, Big/Little reveal was probably one of the cutest and most memorable events yet. I really love being surprised (lolz), and walking out to Tommy Trojan and seeing gifts was such a special moment. All of us Rosebuds were super excited, and I’ll always remember those moments when we were searching for our big. The whole event was so special (shoutout to Trinity for the cutest gifts/posters <333) and I can’t wait to give that sort of experience to future Rosebud classes. The Helenes love was so strong on Big/Little Reveal night, and I look forward to cherishing more memories like it.

I’m so excited to keep making more Helenes memories. I could not be more grateful for this organization, all it’s given me in the short month I’ve been a part of it, and all the enriching experiences it will give me in the future.

Helenes Love and All of Mine,

Celine <3


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