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A message from our

Director of External Correspondence


Hi! My name is Amrita Vora, and I am beyond thrilled to be the 2023 Director of External Correspondence for the Helenes!


In this position, I work directly with the parents along with the alums affiliated with the USC Helenes to further connect them to this wonderful organization – something that excites me greatly. I want to affirm that one of my primary goals when working with the alums is to further your opportunities to stay connected with our organization. Alums are crucial to the Helenes by previously paving roads for our organization to grow and develop in the way that it has. We, therefore, value your experience and wisdom, and want to further foster our connections with Helenes of all generations. Keep an eye on your inbox as I will be sending out newsletters throughout the semester chock-full of updates and invitations to exciting events and initiatives.


For parents, it’s important that I personally thank you for raising the truly special and amazing members of this organization. We are both lucky and proud to have them in our family. Throughout this year, I will inform you of the multiple opportunities you will have to engage with the organization, such as receiving regular updates on the happenings in Helenes and sending your children care packages during the semester.


It is my goal while I am the Director of External Correspondence to further the financial accessibility of Helenes, advance member-alum connections, and provide parents and alum with the most accurate vision of Helenes as an organization, how it has grown, and how it continues to grow every day as a family dedicated to assist our USC and greater LA communities. I am always around if you have any questions, comments, ideas, or simply want to send over a quick “hello” – so never hesitate to reach out!


Helenes love and all of mine,

Amrita (Amy) Vora (she/her)

Director of External Correspondence

A message from our

Director of Public Relations


Hi everyone! My name is Lauren Kim, and I am so happy to serve as the 2024 Director of Public Relations for the USC Helenes.


My main role is to promote the image and activities of our organization to the University community. It is an honor to be able to highlight all of the amazing members and work Helenes does for the USC community. As a result, I'm always updated on what the Helenes are doing, so I'm more than happy to answer any questions about our responsibilities and events.


Within my position, I also have the opportunity to speak to those outside of our organization– whether those be student organizations or communities within the greater Los Angeles area. If you're ever interested in working with the USC Helenes, I would absolutely love to speak with you and offer resources or support in any way we can.

As the Director of Public Relations, I am also responsible for managing all of our social media accounts; so if you ever have any questions about the USC Helenes, please feel free to send me a message through any of our socials as well! (@uschelenes).


Like so many others, I found an amazing community at USC through Helenes. Even if you're not (yet) part of our family, please reach out to me if you have any questions or would like to work with us!

Helenes love and all of mine,

Lauren Kim (she/her)

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