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Uniform Requirements


The informal uniform consists of appropriate bottoms, a Helenes t-shirt,

and a nametag.


The formal uniform consists of a white collared, button-down shirt embroidered with the Helenes symbol, black slacks or a black knee-length skirt, black closed-toed, closed-back dress shoes, and a nametag.

The formal uniform top and shoes, appropriate bottoms, and a nametag are worn on the first Wednesday of every month.


If the appropriate uniform is not worn, the Helene will not receive credit for attending the event or meeting.

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Credit Requirements


Active Helenes are required to complete 10 credits per semester:

- 2 Service credits

- 2 Spirit credits

- 2 Family credits

- 2 DEI credits

- 2 additional credits of any category


Inactive Helenes are required to complete 6 credits per semester:

- 1 Service credit

- 1 Spirit credits

- 1 Family credit

- 1 DEI credit

- 2 additional credits of any category


Active and Inactive members are also required to attend any event that the Executive Board deems mandatory, unless they are granted an excused absence by an officer of the Executive Board. The Executive Board cannot deem more than two events mandatory per semester.

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