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A message from our Presidents


Hello everyone,


Our names are Michelle Kang and Halle Hunt and we are incredibly honored and excited to serve as the USC Helenes Co-Presidents for 2024. For over 100 years, Helenes has been a home to Trojans dedicated to serving the USC community and the greater Los Angeles community. Since joining in 2022, we have been fortunate enough to call Helenes our home away from home. We have met some of our greatest friends within this organization and gained a family of compassionate, empowered, and inspiring individuals – something we are truly grateful for. Helenes come from a variety of academic pursuits, personal backgrounds, and meaningful passions, but we share a common love for our university and for serving our local community.


Some of our favorite USC memories have been with fellow Helenes, from meeting new members at our Open House to hanging out in the Helenes section during Gatecall, or just seeing friends at the Helenes Bench in Alumni Park. In all that we do, Helenes is a supportive community, committed to service, spirit, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and family. We hope that in learning more about the USC Helenes, you get to meet some of our amazing members and hear about their favorite memories and traditions. If you have any questions about the application process or what it is like to be a Helene, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email! We would love to hear from you.

Helenes love and all of ours,

Michelle Kang (she/her) & Halle Hunt (she/her)


A message from our Vice President


Hi everyone,

My name is Haley Ku, and I am honored and excited to serve as the 2023 USC Helenes Vice President! Since last spring, Helenes has truly been my home away from home. I quickly met an organization full of genuine, caring, inspiring, and dedicated people who share the same love for our university. Helenes has brought me to my closest friends I have met in college, which has given me a sense of belonging within the large USC community. 


Some of my favorite memories include Hecuba Watch, where we camp out together and guard the beloved Hecuba statue during Conquest Week and hanging out at the Helenes bench with other members. From my time in this organization, I have experienced what Helenes does in our USC and local community. Every event is an opportunity for members to get to know one another while simultaneously creating an impact reflective of the four pillars of Service, Spirit, Family, and DEI. As Vice President, I plan and organize Open House and General Member Retreat and our century-long traditions of Welcome Night and Installation Tea. In this role, I am dedicated to helping members create meaningful relationships with one another through hosting weekly and semesterly events.


If you would like to connect or if you have any questions about the organization, feel free to reach me through my email.


Helenes love and all of mine,

Haley Ku (she/her)

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