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A message from our

Directors of Membership


Hi everyone! Our names are Jenna Vaughan and Lila Aspin and we are beyond excited to serve as the 2024 Co-Directors of Membership! 


As Co-Directors of Membership, we play a major part in running recruitment- one of the most special and memorable times in the semester for any Helene. We love getting to meet and know each and every one of you as you learn more about Helenes! 


Our new rosebuds, or new members, are such a special part of our family that help shape the future of both our organization and our school as a whole. As you help grow our community, we hope to help you build a supportive family here on campus. During a Rosebud's first semester, their “Rosebud Semester”, new members engage in everything that Helenes has to offer, with a special emphasis on our four pillars: Service, Spirit, Family, and DEI. 


We owe our amazing friendship to the Helenes Spring 2023 recruitment cycle- and are forever thankful for it. Helenes has undoubtedly shaped every aspect of our lives- from helping skyrocket our school spirit to connecting us to communities all across LA through acts of service. Helenes love is a special thing that connects all Helenes in a magical way. Helenes has forever changed our lives for the better- and we hope you will see why during the recruitment process! 


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about Helenes recruitment, please do not hesitate to contact us at We cannot wait to meet you all at our various recruitment events and through your application — all of which can be found here!


Helenes love and all of ours,

Jenna Vaughan (she/her) and Lila Aspin (she/her)

Co-Directors of Membership

A message from our

Director of Finance


Hi everyone! My name is Seela Haidari and I have the privilege to serve as the 2024 Director of Finance.

Helenes, one of USC’s oldest service groups, engages in a variety of philanthropic activities throughout USC and the surrounding community. We host a number of exciting and impactful fundraising events, such as our Talent Auction and Vintage Merch Sale, to organize donations for local nonprofits we work closely with. Service being one of Helenes’ main pillars, we hope to increase our means of fundraising to better serve the LA community and raise profits for scholarships.
Helenes upholds inclusion as one of our most important ideals. In keeping with this ideal, Helenes offers several scholarships to cover dues to ensure that finances are not a barrier of participation for anyone! We want to support our members the best we can. If you have any questions or concerns regarding dues or scholarships, please feel free to reach out to me.
Helenes love and all of mine,
Seela Haidari (she/her)

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