About Us

The USC Helenes is one of the oldest service organizations at USC. In 1921, Arabella De Oliviera established the USC Helenes under its original name, the Amazons. In 1969, the Amazons changed their name to "the USC Helenes" in order to keep with the Trojan theme of the University. The name was inspired by the iconic Helen of Troy.

USC Helenes is a close-knit group of passionate and compassionate Trojans who are driven to make a change. We aim to set an example of kindness, positivity, and poise, on and off the university campus, by serving our school and various non-profit organizations in Los Angeles. Although our members come from diverse backgrounds, majors, and interests, we are united by our school spirit and our desire to give back to our community through hands-on projects such as preparing food at the Downtown Women’s Center, helping out on the CSU/Expo Urban Mini Farm, and mentoring at 32nd Street School.