Fighting On... Forever!

From the front row of the student section in the Galen Center to being on the field with Traveler Crew in the Coliseum, the Helenes support Trojan Athletics in any way we can. Outside of attending games, we also face paint at basketball games and spend time with other Helenes making USC spirited crafts like flower crowns and bracelets. We love supporting our athletic teams and rooting them to victory!


A message from our

Director of Athletics


Hi! My name is Johannah Suegay, and I am so excited to serve as the 2021 Director of Athletics!


Spirit is one of the USC Helenes’ three main pillars, and we demonstrate our passion and pride for the University at a variety of athletic-related events. Helenes love to support both men’s and women’s sports throughout the year, and in the fall, we can be found on Saturdays in the front row of the Coliseum cheering on our football team. During rivalry week, you will find us camped out in front of Tommy Trojan and Hecuba around the clock, protecting them against that school across town. In the spring, we combine our passion for service and spirit at Swim with Mike, an annual benefit to raise money for physically challenged athletes’ scholarships. We always look forward to forming new connections, so if you are interested in having the USC Helenes at your event, please send me an e-mail. Fight on!


Helenes love and all of mine,

Johannah Suegay (she/her)

A message from our

Director of University Affairs


Hello all! My name is Maria Tsiao and I have the pleasure of serving as the 2021 Director of University Affairs for the USC Helenes. As the official hostesses of the University of Southern California, Helenes volunteer at a variety of events both on and off campus. We work in conjunction with the President's Office, the Office of Cultural Relations and University Affairs, a multitude of schools and empowering clubs across campus, as well as with a number of nonprofit organizations to best assist the university and greater Los Angeles community.   


From welcoming individuals to the Grand Opening of the USC Village to volunteering at the Scripter Awards to hostessing at Admitted Student Receptions, Helenes are deeply involved in making sure campus feels like a home to all students and guests that are a part of the Trojan Family. It has been a true honor for us to continue our service at events, like the College Access Day, Career Fair, Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, and USC OwnIt Summit.


We are always seeking new opportunities to be of service, so if you are interested in having the USC Helenes at an event, please feel free to reach out to me!


Helenes love and all of mine,

Maria Tsiao (she/her)