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Fighting On... Forever!

From the front row of the student section in the Galen Center to being on the field with Traveler Crew in the Coliseum, the Helenes support Trojan Athletics in any way we can. Outside of attending games, we also face paint at basketball games and spend time with other Helenes making USC spirited crafts like flower crowns and bracelets. We love supporting our athletic teams and rooting them to victory!


A message from our

Director of Athletics


Hi!  My name is Camryn Shevlin and I am so excited to be the 2023 Director of Athletics for the USC Helenes!


One of the main pillars of the USC Helenes is spirit, which for our organization entails a wide variety of ways that we “Fight On” and support USC Athletics. In the fall, you can find us sitting on the sidelines at the Soni McAlister field, guarding Hecuba during Rivalry week, and in the front row of the Coliseum cheering until we lose our voices. In the spring, we spend a lot of time screaming in the Galen Center and support the annual Swim with Mike fundraiser event which is an annual benefit to raise money for physically challenged athletes’ scholarships.


We are always cheering for our USC athletics teams and love any opportunity to rep our cardinal and gold. As Helenes, we believe it is our responsibility to further strengthen the Helenes spirit pillar by creating new gameday traditions and making sure the Trojan spirit never wavers. We are always looking for new ways to show our support and love of USC, so if you have an event that you would like the USC Helenes to attend, don’t hesitate to contact me. And as always, fight on!!


Helenes love and all of mine,

Camryn Shevlin (she/her)

A message from our

Director of University Affairs


Hello everyone! My name is Kyra Aligaen and I feel so excited and privileged to serve as the 2023 USC Helenes Director of University Affairs! As the liaison between Helenes and USC’s university and student-run events, I seek to contribute to and facilitate a campus culture where all feel welcome!


Helenes is proud to work in conjunction with the President’s Office, the Office of Cultural Relations, and University Events. We have upheld our role as the official hosts of the University of Southern California by serving at the Scripter Awards, the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, the Emeriti Center, the Career Fair, the Kortschak Learning Center, and so much more! There are so many sectors within campus that make USC feel like home for so many, from our beloved Trojan Marching Band to our thousands of registered student organizations and amazing hospitality workers. It is with great joy that in giving support to our campus communities, we can spread Helenes love and truly strengthen our Trojan Family!


USC Helenes feels it is a privilege to represent this university, and we are constantly seeking new opportunities to be of assistance to this campus and give back to our greater Los Angeles community. Our hope is that our campus and its surrounding communities know and feel that they can count on Helenes for our unwavering support. If you are interested in having the USC Helenes at an event, please do not hesitate to contact me at my email! As always, fight on!


Helenes love and all of mine,

Kyra Aligaen (she/her)

Director of University Affairs

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