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Helenes Blog Spring 2021: Back and Better Than Ever

Hello there!

Welcome to the resurgence of the Helenes blog — now back and better than ever! My name is Angie, Spring ‘19, and I’m honored to serve as the blog chair for this spring semester. I first stumbled upon the Helenes blog when I was in high school, and I remember reading over every post, imagining myself to be part of this community one day.

And now here I am, a full circle moment later.

When I was reading the blog posts, I remember feeling so much Helenes love from the way members would write about their experiences. Even though the blog has been inactive for a while now, I would love to bring it back so it can stand as a testimony of the amazing people who want to share their experiences with everyone.

Who knows? Maybe a future rosebud is reading this, or an alum from long ago, or maybe I’ll be reading this in the future when I’m 75 years old and want to reminisce about my college days and this wonderful community of people who taught me how to love others and love myself.

Here’s to more future blog posts filled with silly experiences and the best of memories.

Helenes Love and All Mine,

Angie Orellana Hernandez

A special shoutout to Spring '19 <3


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