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An Eternal Love

My name is Kacie Yamamoto, and I’m the 2022 Helenes Director of External Correspondence. My position is one that does a lot of work behind the scenes; instead of planning events for current members like most of my other friends on E-Board, I spend most of my time dedicated to serving the Helenes alumni network.

It is a privilege and honor I hold dear to my heart. In fact, a big reason why I initially chose to run for this position is because of my mom, who still works actively with the alumni relations chair of an organization she was involved with while she was in college. Since the coronavirus pandemic started, I’ve seen my mom work tirelessly to create a space for her and other alumni from her organization to reunite virtually and reminisce on the friendships and memories they created, as well as to establish ties with the organization’s current leadership.

Getting to do the same for an organization that means so much to me as a current member — an organization that must mean as much, if not more, to our alumni — as the Director of External Correspondence is the best thing that I’ve done in Helenes so far. Every time I send emails to our alumni network, I’m always met with numerous responses from alumni thanking me for my work in keeping them engaged, or wishing me the best for our organization and in my own personal life. Since taking on this position, I feel as if I’ve forged relationships with thousands of people of so many ages and backgrounds, bonded together over our affiliation with Helenes.

It is a testament to the bond our organization has as a whole. Helenes love, although an intangible concept, is one that I’ve seen personified in our alumni network. It is fulfilling getting to serve as a bridge between our current and former membership. It is uplifting hearing the stories and accomplishments of Helenes after graduation. It is inspiring to call myself a part of this community — a community rooted in a type of love that is everlasting.

Helenes love and all of mine,

Kacie Yamamoto


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