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My Bucketlist of Los Angeles Adventures

After excitedly awaiting a safe return to campus for over a year, it appears like this may soon be a reality! When I enter my final year (brb crying) at USC, I look forward to enjoying the countless adventures present in the City of Angels. In this post, I will share my non-exhaustive list of spots I can’t wait to explore (and it would fill me with absolute joy to embark on any of these experiences with the Helenes family)!

1. Surf in El Porto Beach

Yes, it’s sadly true, I am a California native who has never surfed...but it’s time to change that. El Porto Beach--with its white sand, consistent swells, and delicious local restaurants nearby--makes it the perfect spot to begin mastering the art of surfing. After a long day of hitting the waves, I plan on grabbing a refreshing, rewarding margarita from Pancho’s Restaurant and watching the sunset!

2. Visit the Underground Museum

Serving as an art gallery, hangout space, film club, and speakeasy, the Underground Museum is a black-family-run art collective that features thought-provoking exhibits on the black experience in Los Angeles and America, a beautiful garden, and great vibes. As an added bonus, the museum is located a mere eight minutes from campus! Often cited as one of the most important art spaces in Los Angeles, the Underground Museum is a must-see that I don’t want to miss.

3. Hike the Switzer Falls Trail

Now, I will admit that I’m not much of a hiker, but I can’t resist the Switzer Falls Trail’s incredible views and can only imagine the relief of jumping into the pool beneath the 50-foot waterfall after a 4.5 mile trek. And if I needed more convincing, you can even eat wild blackberries along the trail during the summer months! Who’s ready to don their hiking boots with me?

4. Attend First Fridays at Abbot Kinney

A mass gathering of food trucks...what more do I have to say? During the first Friday of every month, LA’s best food trucks gather on Abbot Kinney starting at 6 pm and ending around midnight. With endless choices of mouthwatering cuisine to choose from, I have an inkling that you can find me there for the whole six hours. With bars conveniently nearby, this entire event is chalking up to be an absolutely ideal Friday night I need to experience.

5. Fly a plane (!!) with Pacific Blue Air

Okay, I definitely kept the craziest one for last! Seated in an open-cockpit, ultra light aircraft with an instructor, passengers get to fly over the beautiful Southern California coast and witness breathtaking views. But that’s not all--passengers actually get to control the aircraft once it's in flight! I don’t have the guts to skydive, so this seems like the perfect, thrilling alternative to still feel like a true adventurer. Though I may need to bring a second pair of pants with me, this unique opportunity would be hard to say no to!

I hope this list can inspire all of us to get out there and enjoy the multitude of gems in the Los Angeles area when we can! Here’s to adventuring, exploring, and trying new things (and hopefully not crashing a plane while we’re at it).

Helenes Love and All of Mine,

Taleen Boghossian


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