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Wonderful, Life-Changing, and Supportive

It’s hard to quantify experiences, to take the nuances and complexities of an experience, and boil them down to one word. Describing the Helenes is easy, but also difficult— I could say that to me, Helenes is a wonderful organization, a life-changing organization, and a supportive organization. But then Helenes would become one of many things that fall under that sort of general category of supportive, wonderful, life-changing things. This isn’t to say that category isn’t important — it is. The supportive, wonderful, life-changing things I’ve experienced over the course of my life has shaped who I am and I am forever grateful.

Helenes may be one of the many sorts of supportive, wonderful, life-changing things a person could encounter, but to leave it at that would be to put labels on something a label cannot describe—so I’ll do the best I can.

For me, Helenes has been my cocoon, my catalyst for personal growth. I had (and have) a lot of soul-searching to do, and being immersed in a supportive community helped (and is helping!) immensely. I am constantly surrounded by a network of people who are going through similar experiences, having similar existential dilemmas, asking similar questions about life, and are also trying to juggle it all under the guise of this is fine. Helenes is, in short, supportive.

Helenes is comprised of genuine, inspiring people who are bound together by an innate ‘Helenes’ love, and a desire to make a positive impact. Each member is working on bettering themselves and their surroundings, looking to others as role models, because each member is an inspiration in their own individual way. Helenes is, in short, wonderful.

This individuality is embraced— Helenes celebrates people for who they are, even if the person themself doesn’t really see what there is to celebrate. Uprooting any undue self-consciousness and self-judgment, and instead, cultivating self-love is so integral, or at least it has been in my experience. Helenes is, in short, life-changing.

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