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Amigas Cheetahs, Friends for Life

From the collection of the Disney Channel Original Movies, Cheetah Girls has to be one of my favorites. The movie was not only fantastic in 2006, but the soundtrack was even better. It’s about a four teenage girls from New York and their journey to become singing superstars. It’s been a while since I’ve watched the movie, but I’ll never forget the song, “Amigas Cheetahs, Friends For Life” from Cheetah Girls 2.

“Someone who lets you be yourself

There when you need help

They’ve got your back win or lose.

… Kickin’ it with’em just for fun

Or when you need the 411.”

Helenes is not just an organization. It’s not just a group of friends. It’s a sisterhood. A sisterhood that you’re thankful for every time you reflect upon it. Similar to Helenes, the Cheetah Girls weren’t biological sisters or simply friends, yet they treated each other like sisters. These are the girls I can turn to if I ever feel like something’s wrong in my life or if I want a friend to talk to. It’s so evident in the way Helenes love is expressed. Just like the song, I know they have my back and they are definitely people I have tons of fun with.

“Amigas Cheetahs

Friends for life.

The rhythm and each other,

That’s what keeps us tight.”

We share a lot of the same passions and that’s exciting to talk about, but it’s also super cool to hear my sisters talk about their passions and dreams that differ from mine. In the movie, all the Cheetah Girls weren’t the same, yet they were united by their love for music as the lyrics say. In Helenes, I believe we are brought together in sisterhood by our common love for service for the community and USC. Even though we may differ in passions and goals, this difference contributes to the diversity that makes Helenes so unique.

So I like to think of the Helenes as the Cheetah Girls (only better, and wearing cardinal and gold).

Helenes Love and All Mine,

Candace Ro

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