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What is it like to be a General Member?

I remember how it felt to be a rosebud (or rosebaby) in Helenes. My friends and I always joke that in Helenes you get “hazed with love” - everyone posts on your facebook wall with funny gifs, and you immediately have 20 or so new sisters with a place to call home on campus.

My rosebud class!

Joining Helenes my freshman year, I was still undecided about my major, my career, and even what I really wanted out of my time in college. The older (and definitely wiser) Helenes would always reach out to meet with me for coffee or to just chat, and I knew I could always count on a Helene for some amazing life advice.

My first semester in Helenes, I started getting involved with Helenes Bible study. Larissa and Rashelle poured so much of their time and energy into growing us into better women and better Helenes, which inspired me immensely.

As a general member, you might not get daily posts on your Facebook wall or have weekly meetings with your rosebud class, but you get to be a part of those experiences for someone else! You get to shower the new rosebud class with love and make yourself available to anyone who needs advice or a helping hand.

When I picked up a little I had no idea how much it would change my Helenes experience. Kai had just started at USC and once we were matched, I was able to talk to her about school, faith, and even work. She soon got hired as a Tour Guide and we started spending even more time together at work!

Me and Kai :’)

Overall, your Rosebud semester is all about welcoming you into Helenes and really getting acclimated to such a special and unique organization. Then, your time as a General Member is characterized by building strong relationships whether that be with members of your rosebud class, your littles/bigs, or people you thought you would never get a chance to get a chance to get to know!

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