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Best Helenes Moment

Last semester was my first semester as the Helenes Director of Membership (DOM). I am probably biased, but it truly is one of the greatest positions I think anyone could have in this organization. One of my favorite Helenes memories was towards the end of last semester. Kylie, our president, along with some other E-boarders worked really hard to plan a new event: the Helenes “interest” session. This interest session was meant to give us an additional opportunity to do what we do best: talk about Helenes. We hoped that the “casual vibe” of this event would encourage girls to look out for Helenes in the fall when we started our full recruitment process. This event was also unofficially the first recruitment-ish event the rosebuds from Spring 2017 would have an opportunity to attend. I remember sitting in the room, passionately pressing “next” for the slideshow, and looking out at my Spring '17 rosebuds sitting in the front row of the room. When we got to the Q and A portion of the event, I remember seeing two of my rosebuds answering all these questions about Helenes. They talked about their favorite events and how much they have enjoyed the journey thus far. Although I am in no way the sole reason why they love Helenes, I felt like I had done something to allow this journey to come full circle.

This moment may sound so small, so insignificant, and maybe a little bit creepy because I was just staring at them in awe, but I do not think anything has ever felt me feel so proud to be a Helene. I spent a long time thinking over why this mattered to me, and after much deliberation, I realized that it mattered because it reminded me of what Helenes has done for me and has meant to me. From the time I entered this organization, I felt like people were just giving love, laughter, affection and advice and all I could do was just soak it all up. I think watching my rosebuds last semester sit there and answer those questions so eloquently, so confidently, and so genuinely, made me feel like I actually helped shape the future of this organization that has given me so much. I was honored to be a part of the journey of these girls from their time as prospectives, to rosebuds, and then finally as Helenes. This was undoubtedly my favorite moment.

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