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Choose People Who Lift You Up

The Helenes have helped me solidify my decision in pursuing a career in healthcare in many, many ways. I had always wanted to go into the medical field since a very young age. And although this was clear to me, navigating your way through science courses and planning out your schedule isn’t an easy task to undertake. Without even my asking, many of the older Helenes always gave me class advice, advice on fields of research and just genuinely cared about how I was doing. Not only did they help me navigate my life in school, they helped me stay calm when I was stressed out and always showed me that you can study hard but also have a life balance and be a great Helene.

For example, Keiko knew I had a big Organic Chemistry test coming up last year. She would always check in with me and make sure I was okay. Overall, she has always been supportive of me asking her countless questions and has always given her honest advice. Another example is Shayna. Shayna has listened to my rants over countless school related things and somehow always maintains her extremely bright and bubbly personality. And my big, Kinsey, always encourages me to keep going and striving ahead.

I think what I am trying to convey is that the Helenes have always been there to lift me up, and when you surround yourself with positivity and genuine care, you are able to strive forward knowing you have a whole group of caring women there for you.

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