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Study Sunday Sisters

From the first moment I joined back in Fall 2014, I knew the USC Helenes were all about family. There is no need to explain why the word “sisterhood” is one of three pillars that make up this organization. The Helenes offer family events every single week, so there is always an opportunity to get some sister time in! The picture below is from the night when I first got my big and joined a family in Helenes.

Although the Helenes have super fun invites and sisterhood events, my favorites events tend to be more low-key and laid back. Study Sundays are a great time to catch up on homework for the week, but also to see your friends. Every week the Helenes get a couple study rooms in the Leavey basement. Not only do I actually get some work done, but also being there with such great girls makes it fun. How often do you hear someone say Leavey Library is fun place to be? Probably not very often!

In between homework questions, there are laughs and snacks being munched on. It’s also very helpful when other girls can help out with any questions you might have. Overall, the Study Sunday environment couldn't be a more perfect mixture of academics and fun!

For anyone looking to join the USC Helenes in the future, I would highly recommend taking advantage of the sisterhood events. Study Sundays is just one example, but there are many others. Between making traditional terrariums, carving pumpkins, and going out for Foodie Friday, you will never feel like there isn’t enough to do. The USC Helenes has made me feel like I have a home away from home throughout my college experience!

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