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A Helene by Any Other Name Would Smell Just as Sweet

One aspect about roses is that no matter the circumstance, they will always be beautiful. Whether it was just freshly trimmed, or has been dried and kept for over weeks, the beauty of a rose never dies. That’s how I believe my experience as a Rosebud has been. I know that wherever I am and in whatever situation I get myself into, I will always look back at the memories created in this amazing organization and treasure each one that I’ve been blessed with.

The most memorable memory that has happened so far would have to be Welcome Night. I remember that that night was unbearably cold and that I had to move around a lot to keep my body warm. The rosebud sisters and me held onto each other as Amanat guided us to our destination.

I recall Kylie showing me to my spot and hearing the mumbling of my other Rosebud sisters who were all confused about what was happening. The anticipation was killing me as I quietly waited for the rest of my rosebud class to file in. I was so surprised by what I saw; my heart swelled up because I was just so overcome with love for everyone that I wanted to cry from happiness. As cheesy at it may be, it was that day that I completely fell in love with this organization.

Everyone in Helenes has been so kind to me and I hope that I can meet every single one of them during my time at USC, and even after. Thank you all for taking me in and making my transition so smooth; I can’t wait to create more memorable moments with all my sisters.

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