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No Matter Where We Go, Helenes Will Be My Home

I vividly remember being starstruck by last semester’s recruitment video during the very (first?) information session. The video’s featured track was “Back Home” by Andy Grammer (who I’m a huge fan of) and the moment after it ended, I knew I was in love with USC Helenes and wanted more than anything to become one. Anytime I hear “Back Home” in a shop or restaurant, I immediately think of the bright, happy faces of Helenes laughing and hugging each other. I was filled with an invigorating rush of excitement from watching Gatecall footage that could only be rivaled by the unique and joyous service they do — from working with puppies to playing with kids.

All of these immediate reactions are associated with Grammer’s song, which encompasses my Helenes experience because this sisterhood of compassionate, supportive women has truly made USC feel like home. Helenes has even made Los Angeles feel like another home through the community service we do. The song itself is also really upbeat and reminds me of the spirit and positivity that Helenes exude. It represents the close friendships and family that I’ve created because Helenes are the “people who [have] your back when the world [doesn’t] understand”.

This semester, I was on the other side of information sessions, presenting to prospective girls, and I watched the same video with the same awe I initially had but also with immense love and pride for this beautiful organization that I am lucky enough to be a part of. This song will always have a special meaning to me and will continue to serve as a reminder that “no matter where we go”, Helenes will always be another home that I can count on.

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