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The BIG Moment

The best part about memories with my "Little Big" Linda is making them...


I call my Big Linda my "Little Big" because by age, I'm older. But Linda is by far wiser than her years! There are so many times I would confide in her whenever I needed to talk about something, and she always seems to know exactly what to say.

Linda was one of the first people I met during recruitment, and we just hit it off! They say that music is a universal language, and for our first meeting, our love for Alessia Cara's "Here" was that language. At Open House, I remember talking with her and thinking: "Is this girl even real? She is TOO COOL!" She is so in-the-know when it comes to music, and I can definitely say she has impeccable taste in music!

During big-little reveal, she made me a QR code, and when you scanned it, it would send you to a playlist! I still listen to that playlist :) So it's no surprise that my favorite memory with the lovely lady is going to a Foals concert together at the Wiltern! Linda scored us some free tickets because at the time, she was interning at the Wiltern. I had just come back from London and Linda was going to go to Manchester the next semester, and if you know Foals, you know they're huge in the UK!

So just sharing that experience and bonding over our love for the UK and free pizza is a memory that I will cherish forever <3

But not only is Linda just a cool cat to hang out with. She is one of the most kind and caring individuals I know. She never thinks twice about lending a helping hand, and even though she may be busy, she always makes time for people.

Every time I meet someone who knows Linda, our conversation usually starts off something like this:

Me: "Linda is my Big."

Person: "What?! I love Linda!"

Me: "I love Linda!!!"

And our mutual love for her usually just escalates from there! But I think that's so telling about the kind of person that she is, and the kind of impact she has on others!


I am so thankful that Helenes brought us together and that I get to call you my Big and sistafrand!

Your Little,

Michelle Tak

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