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Dear Reader,

First and foremost, welcome to the official blog of the USC Helenes!

Since joining this organization last year, we have come to realize that our favorite thing about Helenes is that all of our sisters share many of the same values, yet each woman is incredibly unique. Although we may all look similar when we’re all dressed in formal uniform on the first Wednesday of each month, no two Helenes are alike. We all come from varied backgrounds and bring different life experiences to the table. However, we set aside our differences to unite and serve USC and the greater Los Angeles community, a fact that makes Helenes undeniably special.

We hope this blog will provide a space for our members to share their individual stories about their involvement with this wonderful organization. We encourage our sisters to share what Helenes means to them through events they have attended and moments they have shared with each other. We hope you enjoy hearing the independent voices of Helenes and gaining some deeper insight into who our members are.Write on and fight on!

All our love,

Dani Otter and Elizabeth Kanovsky

Fall 2016 Blogging Chairs

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