United we stand, divided we fall

A message from our Director

of Social Events

Hello everyone! My name is Anjalee Patel and I am so absolutely thrilled to be serving as the 2020 Director of Social Events.


Time and time again, Helenes continues to be at the forefront of diversity, compassion, and undeniable enthusiasm for USC and its community. Even before becoming director, I found sisterhood to be one of the most defining pillars in Helenes as it brought all our members together and played a key role in our other two pillars, service and spirit. Helenes social events not only reinforces relationships between existing members but also allows for new relationships to flourish. From experiencing the wonders that Los Angeles has to offer together, sharing our unique passions and talents, and interacting with our brother organization, the Trojan Knights, to helping each other study for that big test, Helenes social events has something for all of our sisters! If you want to know more about sisterhood and our social events or have any other questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me!


Helenes love and all of mine,

Anjalee Patel


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