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A Hidden Gem

Wow!! Where do I start…Helenes has changed so many things about my life, but one thing specifically that it has changed was how I view myself. Upon coming to USC I have always had a strategic plan of what my life was going to be. Graduate from high school in the top 10 percentile then get admission into USC , and then you will go to USC & love, then get a great career from there and it will be set.

However, when I arrived at USC it was really hard for me. In all aspects it was difficult: it was hard to adjust, connect with others, on top of trying to rediscovering who Morgan would be on this campus. In all honesty, before this blessing of an organization I didn’t feel that I belonged at the university because everyone else was doing so well, I had very few friends, wasn't excelling in my academics and I honestly didn't know who I was. When I joined Helenes, I’m going to be honest—I was very nervous because I thought, “This might be another organization of people who are doing amazing. Another remembrance that I am failing in college (in all aspects personally and academically).”

But OH BOY, How I was so wrong about that. Helenes has shown me how to change my perspective on my own self worth. By creating an environment that welcomes everyone for who they are even if it’s in my case a girl who has no idea what they want to do with their life. They have provided me with the support and love to follow my heart wherever that leads me. They have also encouraged me to accept and own my flaws and tough history that I have had in my life. The constant open-mindedness, lack of judgement, and empowering nature that lies in the core of Helenes makes this by far one of the most AMAZING and HIDDEN GEMS that are on this campus. Not a day goes by that I am not reminded how blessed I am to have such great friends.

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