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Favorite Helenes Memory ❤️

I’ve never considered myself a particularly big or tall person (unless I’m around elementary schoolers, but even then, 5th graders can be pretty tall). When people meet me, they often tell me, “wow you’re so small and cute!” So when I became a little, everything came very naturally. My big, Annie Song, spoiled me with snacks and hugs and compliments as we bonded over our love for Washington, sitcoms, and concerts. I was her little in every sense of the word: I was smaller, younger, and newer to Helenes and to USC. I asked her about her life, her transition to college, and juggling her busy schedule. I looked up to her, both figuratively and literally.

When it came time for me to take a little, I realized that having a little would make me a big! I’ve never really thought of myself as someone to look up to, but I’ve always wanted a little sister and the prospect of being a big excited me. When I found out my little was going to be Candace Ro, I was overjoyed and excited. I didn’t know a lot about her, but I knew enough to expect great things from our friendship.

Getting ready for big-little reveal was like preparing to ask a boy to Sadie Hawkins in high school, only better, because boys are temporary and sisters are forever. I spent days trying to think of a costume idea that was cute and affordable, and once I had that, I had to come up with a witty punchline for the poster. Since Candace and I both love Disney movies, especially Toy Story, I decided to make us matching Toy Story alien costumes. I’m not much of a DIY Pinterest girl, but I worked so hard to make our alien hats look as much like the Pinterest picture as possible- and I was pretty proud of the final result. Once I had the costumes and poster and snacks, I headed over to Tommy Trojan for the big reveal.

I remember hiding behind a bush near Tommy Trojan and waiting in nervous anticipation for my little to find me in my matching costume. When she spotted me, I jumped up and gave her a huge hug, welcoming her into the family. We joked about how I’m her little big and she’s my big little, but already there was no one I’d rather be a big to.

The more I learned about Candace, starting at big little reveal night in Ground Zero, the more I loved her. I learned about her family, her hobbies, her faith, the fact that we share the same birthday, and her genuine heart for helping others. And whether it’s talking about boys at Yogurtland or laying in a hammock by the beach together, I am forever grateful that Helenes brought my little and I together. Big-little reveal night is one of my fondest Helenes memories because it was the beginning of a friendship with a girl that I am proud to call my little, and who I hope is able to proudly call me her big.

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