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(Helenes) Love on Top

Helenes, to me, was this mysterious organization with empowering women who wore black pencil skirts and red cardigans once a month. Every girl I met seemed confident and happy…and intimidating. I think my perception of them was as campus role models – people I looked up to for making an impact on campus. But me? A Helene? Naaah.

During my second semester at USC, most of my friends were going through rush, but the one who wasn’t asked if I wanted to go to a Helenes info session. I loved everything about it – the people, the goals of the organization and everything in between. My excitement, however, was quickly scattered when I heard the words “exam is next Monday.” I wanted to be able to dedicate the time that weekend, but with everything else in my life at the time, I knew that wouldn’t work.

A semester goes by, a year goes by, and I get a text from my friend, asking once again, if I wanted to go to the info session. With a better understanding of the timeline, I studied my fanny off and hoped for the best.

There were so many amazing girls, everyone carrying their own personalities and experiences. No way, there was noooo way I’d be chosen. Then, on a Sunday morning, before I knew it, I found myself listening to Love on Top by Beyoncé (shout out to Rosebud Mamma Mercy Sherman for that fine song choice). All of a sudden Facebook notifications start popping up, almost to the beat of the song. I didn’t think it was possible to be so incredibly happy and feel so loved, without having met most of the people. And that was my starting point. My experience with Helenes began with a flood of love and just grew greater from there. The intimidating red cardigans became a handful of some of the most fun, loving and goofy girls I have met at USC. Love was on top that day, and in some way, has been ever since that Sunday morning.

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