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Serving My Home Away from Home

The USC Helenes has served as my home away from home throughout my college career.

When I joined my fall semester of sophomore year, I immediately felt as if I had found my place at USC. Although our formal mission is to support the University community through acts of volunteerism, hospitality and service, the Helenes are so much more than that. This organization is irreplaceable in a way that each member has her own unique journey. Helenes allows members pick their favorite events, allowing relationships to be built among the community. For example, there are some girls who attend all of the Kicks for Kids events because they want to spend time with their buddies every week.

One of my favorite community outreach events is Share A Meal. I was a little anxious the first time I attended because I didn’t know what to expect. However, after making the burritos and passing them out to all the people in need, I was able to see the immediate difference it made in those people’s lives. Each individual was so grateful and relieved to see us, which resulted in a positive experience for everyone. As I work toward medical school, I have realized through Share A Meal that reaching out to those that are underinsured and underserved are imperative to becoming a well-trained physician.

Regardless of whether I attend a sporting, university or community outreach event, I know that my fellow Helenes will always be there with a great attitude and a desire to help those around them. There is truly no other organization on campus like this one. I am proud to call myself a USC Helene and I look forward to finishing out my senior year with this organization.

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